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Amer Picon



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Proprietary French bitter-sweet spirit-based aperitif beverage bitters with slight orange character. Notable in the Basque drink, Picon Punch, which is considered one of the finest examples of a highball beverage. Unfortunately, from the 1970s to present, the House of Picon has lowered the proof of their product repeatedly, creating a situation where traditional recipes calling for it (such as the Picon Punch which was created with the original 78 proof product in mind) did not taste the same. Picon's current iteration has an alcohol content of less than half of the original product.


bitter, herbal and orange


Rare. Produced and sold in France. Known to be distributed in parts of Europe. Export and/or distribution unreliable. Rarely exported. Regional.


other aperitif bitters/domestic imitations in some markets. Example: Torani amer

Usage examples

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