Strawberry Hennessy Drink Recipe
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Going on vacation is so expensive, and hardly anybody ever has the time to do it. Luckily, you can have your vacation packed up in a rock glass!

The Strawberry Hennessy never disappoints—its main ingredients are strawberry syrup, champagne, and Hennessy cognac. This beverage is colorful, tasty, and easy to make, taking just a few minutes to prepare and garnish. Try it, and it’ll make your taste buds dance with joy!

Although this recipe seems to be short and sweet, there is so much more that makes this drink extra special! Keep reading to learn more about making this deliciously potent cocktail.

What Is a Strawberry Hennessy Cocktail?

Strawberry Hennessy Cocktail Glass

When you think of Hennessy, you probably have an image engraved in your head of a golden-colored bottle of triple distilled brandy. And when you add strawberry, it starts to sound like an adult fairytale drink.

The strawberry Hennessy Cocktail is a sweet strawberry-tinted drink with just enough champagne to keep you bubbly for the night. This cocktail is ideal for special occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, or even just sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying some joy in a glass. 

This cocktail is straightforward to put together and is not easily forgettable. As mentioned above, this drink sounds like it comes from a fairytale, and once you get a sip of it, you just can’t have enough.

Hennessy Cognac Has Almost 260 Years of History

Hennessy Cognac has been around since 1765. Founded in France by a military officer called Richard Hennessy, the Hennessy Cognac is still an all-time favorite for many users.

Almost 260 years in the making, Hennessy Cognac has made its mark worldwide. It is a go-to drink for many Americans and Europeans but is still popular worldwide. The founder Richard Hennessy was originally from Ireland but moved to France to explore the culture.

Hennessy Cognac is known for its classic brandy flavor with strong hints of fruit and oak. This brandy often has floral and citrus notes, and some vanilla might also come through.

In 1794 the first shipment of Hennessy Cognac was sent to America, and the small company bloomed from thereon. It went from barreled to bottled relatively quickly, and soon Hennessy got advertised worldwide.

How To Make Your Own Strawberry Syrup

Who doesn’t love syrup! As an adult, you always carry along some parts of your childhood, such as snow cones with the infamous strawberry syrup!

Strawberry syrup is essential to make this cocktail work. There is no need to use a specific brand of strawberry syrup, although it is best to consider a higher quality brand. Note that the best strawberry syrup would be homemade.

You can quickly whip up your own strawberry syrup at home with only three ingredients that can make your drink unique. The recipe can serve about seven drinks, so this can save you some money considering the cost.


  • ½ cup (120 ml) water
  • ½ cup (100 g) sugar
  • 1 cup (166 g) chopped up strawberries

Follow the recipe below to start making your strawberry syrup:

  1. Combine your sugar and water in a saucepan and put it over medium heat. Never try to rush this process since the sugar can burn quickly.
  2. Stir the sugar water mixture until all the sugar has dissolved. Then, add your chopped-up strawberries. The more refined you chop your strawberries, the better since they get soft quicker.
  3. Bring the sauce mixture to a boil for roughly 10 minutes. Don’t increase the heat to prevent this sticky sauce from sticking to your pan.
  4. Let your mixture cool off for a few minutes. Then, strain the liquid into a sterilized glass bottle. It’s essential to clean your bottle with boiling water beforehand to prevent bacteria growth.
  5. Seal it and then refrigerate once you’ve filled the glass bottle. You can keep your homemade strawberry syrup in the fridge for up to 3 weeks.

Champagne Makes Your Strawberry Hennessy Bubbly

Champagne is a potent yet delightful drink to enjoy on special occasions and not to mention the fantastic variety of champagnes available, even for tighter budgets. The bubble in this delicacy can give your cocktail just the right amount of fizz and add to the balanced sweetness.

Use Brut Champagne for Your Strawberry Hennessy Cocktail

It’s best to use a Brut when making this cocktail due to the beautiful hints of floral and slightly fruity notes. This champagne will enhance your cocktail and give it that lift you’re looking for. Brut champagne is known to be less sweet and balances the sweetness of the strawberry syrup.

Strawberries Sliced in Half Will Complement Your Cocktail

Strawberries will add loads of spice to your cocktail and infuse the nutritiously earthy tones into the cocktail, making it even more special. Besides flavor, strawberries make unique decorations, and an aesthetically pleasing cocktail is a cocktail out of this world.

Fresh strawberries enhance the fruity tones in the champagne and also add slight sourness to your drink. Once you finish your drink, the strawberries give you something nutritiously tasty to crunch on afterward.

Mint Leaves Can Add More Aroma to Your Strawberry Hennessy

Garnishing your cocktail can make or break and separate your cocktail from the other boring cocktails. Adding mint to this cocktail will add the extra aroma to perfectly balance the sweet, bitter, and freshness.

Something to consider is the oil that resides on the underside of the leaf. Expressing this oil enhances the fresh minty aroma that the leaf infuses your drink and adds additional spice.

Luckily, extracting these oils is as easy as one slap in the hand! Yes, you can slap the mint between your hands and allow oil to release and infuse into your drink. Some Bartenders also recommend lightly rubbing the leaves between the palms of your hands to release the oils.

Strawberry Hennessy Has a Breezy, Sweet Strawberry Taste

Two Strawberry Hennessy Cocktails with Mint Closeup

If you’re looking for a summer-themed drink, this cocktail is ideal. But before you wander into this mesmerizing recipe, you might be curious about what it tastes like.

Infused with colorful fruity tastes with sweet hints of oak, citrus, and authentic strawberry syrup, the strawberry Hennessy cocktail has a breezy sweet strawberry taste. It keeps evolving long after you have swallowed it.

The champagne adds a light fizz and helps balance the sweet, bitter, and tangy. By adding mint to your cocktail, you’re also adding a bit of spice to the drink without completely overpowering it, while the fresh strawberries deliver an earthy tone.

Tips for Making the Best Strawberry Hennessy Cocktail

What’s an excellent recipe without a few tried and true bartender tips? You’re in luck because the following are some game-changing tips from various experienced bartenders:

  • Use homemade strawberry syrup. As discussed above, you can always use syrup from your local marketplace, but you should consider making your syrup at home to make this drink truly extraordinary.
  • Add the champagne gently. Having a flat cocktail can impact the pleasure of this drink, so to prevent the cocktail from going flat quickly, experts recommend adding the champagne slowly.
  • Substitute Hennessy for other liquor. If you struggle to find Hennessy or just don’t like the flavor, you can always substitute it for other liquor.

How To Make the Best Strawberry Hennessy

Strawberry Hennessy Cocktails with Mint Cocktail Shaker and bar tools

Strawberry Hennessy is ideal for any occasion and is super fast and easy to make. With the right ingredients and your homemade strawberry syrup prepared, now you can create your own strawberry Hennessy cocktail.

Get a Rock Glass and Bar Spoon

To make this deliciously potent drink, you’ll need some equipment to help with preparation. Luckily, you don’t need a bartender’s tool case to be able to make this drink at home.

You’ll need the following:

  • Rocks Glass: Why a Rocks Glass? It might feel like you want to use more oversized glasses for this unique drink, but that will take away from the fantastic experience. Rocks Glasses are the ideal size for this cocktail, and since you’ll be using the infamous Hennessy Cognac, why not do it the original way.
  • Bar Spoon: You’ll likely need a bar spoon to mix all of the ingredients. Having a bar spoon on hand can help, but any longer spoon should do the job if you don’t have one at home.

Prepare Your Ingredients

Most ingredients used in this recipe are often already in your kitchen cupboard. Each element plays an essential role in constructing this drink. Specific flavors, garnishing, and bubbles make this drink so unique.

Below are the ingredients:

  • Hennessy Cognac: Since everyone’s taste differs, you can use any variation of Hennesy to complete this cocktail.
  • Strawberry Syrup
  • Champagne: You can use any champagne, but a Brut will work best.
  • Fresh Strawberries – sliced in half
  • Mint leaves: Using mint leaves for garnishing is optional, but they make a difference.

How to Make Strawberry Hennessy Cocktail

Strawberry Hennessy Cocktail Drink with Ice

Below are the steps for making a strawberry Hennessy cocktail:

  1. Add ice cubes and strawberries to the Rocks Glass. Ensure that there is enough space for the liquid ingredients to prevent overflow.
  2. Pour in your Hennessy and strawberry syrup.
  3. Mix the base ingredients by gently stirring.
  4. Top your glass with bubbly champagne and mix again once everything is blended well.
  5. Garnish your drink with mint if your cocktail is thoroughly mixed, and enjoy!

Strawberry Hennessy Cocktail Recipe

Strawberry Hennessy Cocktail Glass

Wonderful Strawberry Hennessy Cocktail

This Strawberry Hennessy Cocktail is a sweet and refreshing drink that will soon become one of your favorites. It has the perfect balance of strawberries, cognac, and bubbly champagne.
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Drink Type: Cocktail
Main Alcohol: Cognac
Keyword: Champagne, Cognac, Hennessy, Strawberries
Prep Time: 5 hours
Total Time: 12 hours
Servings: 1


  • Rocks Glass
  • Bar Spoon


  • 1.5 oz Hennessy Cognac
  • 1.5 oz Strawberry Syrup
  • 4 oz Champagne (A Brut is Recommended)
  • 2 Strawberries Sliced in Half
  • 2 Mint Leaves (Garnish)
  • Ice


  • Add Strawberries and Ice to Rocks Glass
  • Add Hennessy and Strawberry Syrup
  • Stir Until Ingredients are Mixed
  • Top Glass with Champagne
  • Gently Stir, Until Evenly Mixed
  • (Optional) Garnish with Mint Leave

Bartender Notes

  • For the best taste try making homemade strawberry syrup.
  • Gently add the champagne to prevent cocktail from going flat quickly.
  • The Hennessy can be substituted for other Cognacs or your favorite liquor.
  • Rub the mint leaves gently in your hands to release the flavor.

Final Thoughts

You don’t necessarily need to go to a bar to have a breathtakingly good drink, such as the strawberry Hennessy cocktail. By following our unique recipe, you can have your vacation cocktail at home without hassle.

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