Casamigos vs Teremana Tequila

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Choosing the right tequila can be a tough decision, especially when it’s between two popular celebrity-owned brands Casamigos and Teremana. Did you know that despite its recent launch in 2020, Teremana Tequila has gained a significant market presence parallel to its counterpart, Casamigos – which originated back in 2013?

This blog will provide an extensive guide comparing these two distinguished brands based on their origin, flavor profile, suitability for cocktails, and pricing so you make an informed choice.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Casamigos Tequila was launched in 2013 by George Clooney, while Teremana Tequila was introduced in 2020 by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.
  • Casamigos uses a labor-intensive production process that includes roasting agaves for 72 hours and fermenting for 80 hours, resulting in tequila with strong vanilla undertones. Teremana, on the other hand, roasts agaves for three days and focuses on creating a slightly peppery flavor profile.
  • Both brands offer versatility in cocktails. Casamigos is perfect for classic drinks like margaritas and palomas, while Teremana’s unique flavors pair well with a variety of mixed drinks.
  • Ultimately, the choice between Casamigos and Teremana comes down to personal preference and desired flavor profiles when it comes to enjoying high-quality tequilas.

Origins of Casamigos and Teremana

Casamigos Tequila Shot

Casamigos Tequila, the first celebrity-owned tequila brand, was launched in 2013 by George Clooney and his business partners Rande Gerber and Mike Meldman. On the other hand, Teremana Tequila is a newer player in the market, owned by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and introduced in 2020.

Casamigos Tequila

Casamigos, the pioneer brand among celebrity-owned tequilas, emerged in 2013 as a collaboration between George Clooney and his friends Rande Gerber and Mike Meldman. The production process of this popular spirit begins with 100% Blue Weber Agave that’s been aged for seven to nine years.

Unlike most brands which roast their agaves just for hours, Casamigos roasts theirs for an impressive 72 hours inside brick ovens. Following this extensive preparation is an equally diligent fermentation process taking twice as long as the typical industry standard—80 remarkable hours! Their Blanco Tequila rests for two months before bottling while Reposado ages for seven months and Añejo matures even longer at 14 months.

Noted especially by cocktail enthusiasts, Casamigos has strong vanilla undertones and a smooth finish that can easily be enjoyed neat or incorporated into various drink recipes.

Teremana Tequila

Immortalized by the charismatic Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Teremana Tequila is a brand that has quickly carved out its niche in the competitive tequila market since its inauguration in 2020.

Hailing from Destileria Teremana De Agave nestled within the scenic Jalisco Highlands of Mexico, this celebrity-backed agave spirit draws praise for its distinctive peppery flavor profile.

Teremana’s production process involves meticulous attention to detail – with each agave plant aged seven to nine years before harvesting. The heart of these plants, or piñas, are then roasted for three days—an unusually long duration compared to industry standards—and distilled into this gluten-free spirit.

From sipping neat to mixing up your favorite Paloma or Margarita cocktail with it, Teremana offers both versatility and quality at an affordable price point – making it an ideal choice for both premiumization seekers and budget-conscious cocktail drinkers alike.

Production Process

Casamigos Tequila is made using 100% Blue Weber agave that is aged for seven to nine years before harvesting. The agaves are roasted in brick ovens for 72 hours, much longer than the industry average.

The fermentation process takes a whopping 80 hours, which is twice as long as what other tequila brands typically do. On the other hand, Teremana Tequila is produced at Destileria Teremana De Agave in the Jalisco Highlands.

Its Blanco Tequila is not aged, while Reposado ages for 2 months to 1 year and Anejo ages for over a year.

How Casamigos Tequila is Made

Casamigos Tequila stands out for its meticulous, time-intensive production process. Here’s an insight into the journey it takes from plant to bottle:


  1. The process begins with 100% Blue Weber Agave, grown in the rich soil of Jalisco, Mexico.
  2. These agaves are allowed to mature for seven to nine years before they’re harvested.
  3. After harvesting, the heart—or “piña”—of each agave plant is roasted in traditional brick ovens for a total of 72 hours.
  4. Following this long roasting period, a roller mill extracts the sweet juice from the piña.
  5. This extracted juice goes through fermentation that lasts 80 hours—twice as long as industry standards—to ensure optimal flavor development.
  6. Post-fermentation, distillation happens twice: first in a stainless pot with a copper coil and then in a handmade copper pot still.
  7. Aging varies based on the type of tequila: Casamigos Blanco is aged for two months; Reposado rests in oak barrels for seven months; Anejo spends 14 months maturing in these barrels.
  8. The final result is Casamigos Tequila known for its strong vanilla flavors and smooth drinking experience even when drunk neat.


How Teremana Tequila is Made

Teremana Tequila Shot

Teremana Tequila is made using a meticulous production process that ensures the highest quality and flavor. Here’s how they do it:


  • Teremana Tequila is crafted at Destileria Teremana De Agave, nestled in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico.
  • The tequila starts with 100% agave, which is carefully hand-selected and roasted for three days to bring out its rich flavors.
  • After roasting, the agave is crushed using a traditional Tahona wheel, which extracts the sweet juice from the fibers.
  • The juice is then fermented for several days using natural airborne yeast, allowing for a unique and complex flavor profile to develop.
  • Distillation takes place in handmade copper pot stills, where the tequila undergoes multiple distillations to purify and concentrate the flavors.
  • For Teremana Blanco Tequila, no aging is required. It is bottled directly after distillation to preserve its fresh and vibrant characteristics.
  • If you prefer a Reposado or Anejo expression, Teremana ages the tequila in oak barrels for different periods of time. This imparts additional depth and complexity to the flavor profile.
  • The Reposado rests in barrels for 2 months to 1 year, while the Anejo matures for over a year. Both expressions develop smoothness and subtle hints of caramel and oak.


Flavor Profile Comparison

Casamigos Tequila boasts a rich vanilla flavor that gives it a smooth and creamy taste, while Teremana Tequila leans towards the peppery side, adding a subtle kick to its overall profile.

The Taste of Casamigos

Casamigos Tequila is known for its distinct and captivating flavor profile that appeals to both tequila connoisseurs and cocktail enthusiasts. With every sip, you’ll experience rich notes of vanilla and hints of herbal flavors that add depth to the taste.

This premium tequila offers a smooth and velvety texture, making it perfect for sipping neat or elevating classic cocktails like margaritas and palomas. Casamigos’ attention to detail in their production process ensures that each bottle delivers exceptional quality with every pour.

So whether you’re hosting a gathering or simply indulging in a nightcap, Casamigos Tequila will undoubtedly leave your taste buds craving more.

The Taste of Teremana

Teremana Tequila offers a unique flavor profile that is sure to delight cocktail enthusiasts. This premium tequila boasts a slightly peppery taste, with hints of citrus and lemon adding a refreshing twist.

Its smoothness makes it perfect for sipping on its own or mixing into classic cocktails like Margaritas. Crafted using 100% agave roasted for three days before distillation, Teremana ensures the highest quality in every bottle.

Whether you prefer your tequila neat or in a cocktail, Teremana’s distinct flavors are sure to please your palate. So go ahead, pour yourself a glass and savor the deliciousness of Teremana Tequila!

Mixing with Cocktails

Casamigos Tequila is a perfect addition to classic cocktails like margaritas and palomas, while Teremana Tequila brings its unique flavor profile that pairs well with a variety of mixed drinks.

Casamigos in Cocktails

Casamigos Tequila is not only great for sipping, but it also shines in a variety of cocktails. Here are some ways you can enjoy Casamigos in your favorite mixed drinks:


  1. Classic Margarita: Shake 2 ounces of Casamigos Blanco Tequila with 1 ounce of fresh lime juice and 1 ounce of orange liqueur. Serve over ice in a salt-rimmed glass for the perfect balance of citrus and tequila flavors.
  2. Paloma: Combine 2 ounces of Casamigos Blanco Tequila with 4 ounces of grapefruit soda or fresh grapefruit juice. Squeeze in some lime juice and garnish with a wedge for a refreshing and bubbly cocktail.
  3. Spicy Mule: Mix 2 ounces of Casamigos Blanco Tequila with ginger beer, fresh lime juice, and a dash of spicy bitters. Garnish with a slice of jalapeno for an extra kick.
  4. Mexican Old Fashioned: In a mixing glass, muddle a sugar cube with a few dashes of bitters. Add ice, then pour in 2 ounces of Casamigos Reposado Tequila. Stir well and strain into an old-fashioned glass over ice. Garnish with an orange twist for a twist on the classic cocktail.
  5. Pineapple Express: Shake together 2 ounces of Casamigos Blanco Tequila, fresh pineapple juice, lime juice, and agave syrup. Strain into a glass filled with ice and garnish with a pineapple wedge for a tropical delight.
  6. Smoky Paloma: Combine 2 ounces of Casamigos Mezcal with grapefruit soda or fresh grapefruit juice. Add some smoky mezcal flavor to your Paloma for an interesting twist on this popular cocktail.


Teremana in Cocktails

Teremana Tequila is not just a sipping tequila, it also shines in cocktails. Here are some ways to enjoy Teremana in your favorite mixed drinks:


  1. Margaritas: Teremana Blanco Tequila‘s citrus and lemon notes make it a perfect choice for a classic Margarita. The smoothness of this tequila adds a refreshing twist to the traditional recipe.
  2. Paloma: Mix Teremana Blanco Tequila with grapefruit soda and a squeeze of lime to create a thirst-quenching Paloma cocktail. The bright flavors of the tequila complement the tanginess of the grapefruit, making it an ideal pairing.
  3. Mojitos: Replace rum with Teremana Blanco Tequila in your next Mojito for an interesting twist on this classic cocktail. The herbaceous notes of the tequila combine with the mint flavor to create a unique and refreshing drink.
  4. Spicy Cocktails: If you enjoy adding a kick to your cocktails, try using Teremana Reposado or Anejo Tequila in spicy mixed drinks like a Jalapeno Margarita or Spicy Paloma. The smoky undertones and peppery flavor of these aged expressions will add depth and complexity to your spicy concoctions.
  5. Old Fashioned: For those who prefer strong, spirit-forward cocktails, Teremana Anejo Tequila is an excellent choice for an Old Fashioned. Its caramel and oak hints pair perfectly with bitters and a touch of sugar, creating a rich and smooth cocktail experience.
  6. Chocolate Cocktails: If you have a sweet tooth, experiment with using Teremana Anejo Tequila in chocolate-based cocktails like Chocolate Martinis or Mexican Mochas. The vanilla and spice hints of the tequila complement the richness of chocolate flavors, resulting in indulgent sips.
  7. Vanilla-Based Drinks: Teremana’s flavor profile, especially in the Anejo expression, lends itself well to vanilla-based cocktails. Try using it in a Vanilla Mojito or a Vanilla Margarita to enhance the natural sweetness and create a velvety, aromatic drink.


Pricing: Casamigos Vs Teremana

When it comes to investing in a bottle of premium tequila, both Casamigos and Teremana offer distinct taste experiences, but one factor that often sways the purchasing decision is the price. Let’s delve into a direct price comparison between Casamigos and Teremana.


Brand Average Price for 750ml Bottle
Casamigos Blanco Tequila $40-$50
Teremana Blanco Tequila $25-$35


These prices underline the fact that Teremana Tequila typically comes in cheaper than Casamigos, making it a more budget-friendly option for cocktail enthusiasts. However, it’s important to note that prices can vary depending on your location, the retailer, and any ongoing promotions or discounts. Despite the price difference, both brands offer high-quality tequilas that are worth the investment, especially if you appreciate the nuances in their distinctive flavor profiles. So, whether you’re a fan of George Clooney’s Casamigos or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Teremana, there’s a tequila that suits your palate and your pocket.

Expert Opinions on Both Brands

Experts in the tequila industry have weighed in on Casamigos and Teremana, offering valuable insights into these popular celebrity-owned brands. According to beverage directors, bar managers, and food and beverage strategy consultants, both Casamigos and Teremana are highly regarded for their quality and flavor profiles.

Casamigos has gained a strong following due to its smoothness and rich vanilla flavors. The use of 100% Blue Weber Agave aged seven to nine years before harvesting contributes to its exceptional taste.

Experts also appreciate Casamigos’ meticulous production process – roasting agaves for 72 hours in brick ovens instead of the industry average of 7 hours certainly sets it apart.

On the other hand, experts praise Teremana Tequila for its affordability and versatility in cocktails. With a slightly peppery flavor profile, Teremana adds a unique twist to classic drinks like Margaritas or Palomas.

Its lower price point makes it an attractive option when mixing up delicious concoctions at home or behind the bar.

Ultimately, personal preference plays a significant role when choosing between these two stellar tequilas. Some enthusiasts may prefer Casamigos for sipping neat due to its smoothness and strong vanilla notes, while others may lean towards Teremana’s more affordable price tag and suitability for cocktail creations.

When selecting your preferred tequila brand, consider factors such as taste preferences, budget constraints, and availability at liquor stores near you (considering regional availability), along with expert opinions from those who understand the intricacies of premium tequilas like Casamigos and Teremana.

Remember that both brands have received recognition in the spirits industry through awards won by their exceptional products. Whether you choose Casamigos or Teremana experience an A-lister agave spirit backed by celebrities George Clooney or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson respectively; rest assured that you’ll be indulging in high-quality tequila with unique flavor profiles and a cult following.

With these expert opinions in mind, explore the distinct offerings of Casamigos and Teremana to find the tequila that perfectly suits your taste preferences and cocktail creations.



Looking for answers about Casamigos and Teremana Tequila? Discover which tequila is best for you, learn about its production differences, and find out which brand offers better affordability.

Don’t miss out on these essential FAQs!

Casamigos Vs Teremana: Which is Best For Me?

Choosing between Casamigos and Teremana Tequila depends on personal taste preferences and the desired use for the tequila. If you prefer tequila with rich vanilla flavors, then Casamigos may be your best bet.

On the other hand, if you enjoy a slightly peppery taste, Teremana could be more up your alley. It’s important to consider that Casamigos is known for its premium quality and celebrity backing, while Teremana offers a more affordable option for mixing in cocktails.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to individual preference and budget.

How Do They Differ in Production?

Casamigos and Teremana Tequila differ in their production processes, resulting in distinct flavors. Casamigos starts with hand-selected 100% Blue Weber Agave, which is aged for seven to nine years before being harvested.

The agaves are then roasted for an impressive 72 hours in brick ovens, compared to the industry average of just seven hours. This slow-roasting process imparts a rich and smooth vanilla flavor to Casamigos Tequila.

In contrast, Teremana Tequila is made at Destileria Teremana De Agave in the Jalisco Highlands using handmade copper pot stills. The tequila has a slightly peppery taste with citrus and lemon notes, making it perfect for mixing into refreshing cocktails.

Which is More Affordable?

When it comes to affordability, Teremana Tequila takes the lead over Casamigos. With a lower price point, Teremana makes it more accessible for consumers who are looking for high-quality tequila without breaking the bank.

This doesn’t mean that Teremana compromises on taste or quality; it still delivers exceptional flavor profiles and craftsmanship. So if you’re searching for a delicious tequila option that won’t put a dent in your wallet, Teremana is definitely worth considering.

What are the main differences between Casamigos and Teremana Tequila?

Casamigos and Teremana Tequila have different flavor profiles, production methods, and celebrity ownership. Casamigos is known for its smooth and crisp taste with flavors of vanilla and caramel, while Teremana is described as being more robust with notes of citrus and sweet agave. Additionally, Casamigos was founded by George Clooney, Rande Gerber, and Mike Meldman, while Teremana is owned by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Which tequila brand is more popular among consumers?

Both Casamigos and Teremana have gained popularity among tequila enthusiasts in recent years. However, the level of popularity may vary depending on personal preference and regional availability. It’s best to try both brands to determine which one suits your taste preferences.

Are there any notable awards or accolades received by Casamigos or Teremana Tequila?

Casamigos has received numerous awards including a Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2014. On the other hand, Teremana has been recognized with a Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2020.

How do prices compare between Casamigos and Teremana Tequila?

Prices for both Casamigos and Teremana Tequila may vary depending on factors such as bottle size, location of purchase, and any promotions or discounts available at the time of purchase. It’s advisable to check local retailers or online platforms to compare current prices accurately

Final Verdict

In the battle of Casamigos vs. Teremana tequila, both brands bring their unique flavors and qualities to the table. Casamigos offers a smooth and velvety experience with its rich vanilla notes, making it perfect for sipping on its own or in classic cocktails.

On the other hand, Teremana brings a slightly peppery kick that adds an exciting twist to mixed drinks. And let’s not forget about the pricing! Teremana comes in at a more affordable price point than Casamigos, making it an excellent choice for those looking for quality tequila without breaking the bank.

Casamigos demonstrates their commitment to quality by using 100% Blue Weber Agave aged seven to nine years before harvesting, while Teremana takes pride in roasting their agave for three days prior to distillation.

Both brands have their loyal followings and celebrity backing, making them popular choices among cocktail enthusiasts.

Ultimately, when it comes down to choosing between Casamigos and Teremana tequila, it all boils down to personal preference. Whether you prefer the smoothness of Casamigos with its strong vanilla flavors or enjoy the peppery kick that Teremana brings to your glass, you can’t go wrong with either option.

So go ahead and explore these high-quality tequilas and find your new favorite cocktail companion!


In conclusion, both Casamigos and Teremana Tequila offer their own unique flavors and production processes. Casamigos stands out with its rich vanilla notes and lengthy aging techniques, while Teremana brings a slightly peppery taste at an affordable price point.

Whether you’re a fan of George Clooney’s established brand or feel drawn to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s new venture, both tequilas have something to offer cocktail enthusiasts looking for high-quality options.

Ultimately, the choice between Casamigos and Teremana comes down to personal preference and your desired flavor profile in your favorite cocktails.