Alien Brain Hemorrhage Shot Recipe

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Get ready for the Alien Brain Hemorrhage Shot Recipe, which is a fun party shot that is sure to impress and take your party to the next level!

This creepy drink that looks like a bleeding brain is all about presentation and it doesn’t disappoint. This is a crowd pleaser that is the perfect Halloween cocktail or birthday shot that will surely shock your guests and make a lasting memory.

The origin of this alien brain hemorrhage shot started around the 2000’s. It is hard to tell where it actually originated, but the popularity of this shot has been increasing over the last couple of years.

How Does the Alien Brain Hemorrhage Shot Taste?

The Schnapps is the overpowering flavor in this shot, because of this the alien brain hemorrhage tastes mostly of peach, with light hints of citrus and grenadine. You will also get a very unique texture from the coagulated glob of Bailey’s Irish Cream.

Alien Brain Hemorrhage Shot Recipe


Bar Tools


  1. Pour Peach Schnapps into shot glass.
  2. Slowly add Bailey’s Irish Cream to the top of the shot glass to create a floating layer.
  3. Slowly add Blue Curaçao.
  4. Slowly add Grenadine.

Bartender Notes

  • This shot is all about presentation, so always use a clear shot glass.
  • Add a small amount of Blue Curacao and Grenadine at a time to ensure the Bailey’s doesn’t become overly disturbed and maintains the brain shape. When done correctly it should look like there is a floating brain.
  • Pour the ingredients on the back of a bar spoon to ensure they are not added too quickly.
  • Chill the Bailey’s beforehand for a smoother shot.

About the Ingredients and Tools

1Peach Schnapps

Peach Schnapps is a clear peach liqueur, that has a strong and sweet taste of fresh peaches.

2Bailey’s Irish Cream

Bailey’s Irish cream is the top brand of Irish cream liqueurs. It is a mixture of whiskey, dairy cream, with chocolate and vanilla flavors.

Bailey’s Irish cream is often used in popular drinks such as the Irish Car Bomb, White Russian, and Irish Coffee.

Blue Curacao is a flavored liqueur made by distilling and flavoring with orange peels. It is dyed blue, giving Blue Curacao it’s highly distinctive look.

If you have seen any blue mixed drink at a bar, it most likely contains Blue Curacao.

Grenadine is a very heavy syrup traditionally made from pomegranate juice. This non-alcoholic syrup is sweet with a slightly tart taste. Grenadine is one of the most used syrups used by professional bartenders for crafting cocktails.

Most people will recognize Grenadine for it’s use in the non-alcoholic drink of the Shirley Temple.


Shot glasses come in all shapes and sizes. For this shot, just remember to use a clear glass shot glass to show off the Alien Brain Hemorrhage shooter.

Every good professional bartender and at home mixologist needs a good bar spoon. The bar spoon differs from traditional spoons in that it has a very long-handle, which ensures it can reach the bottom of tall glasses.

The bar spoon is used for mixing and layering drinks and is recommended to have in any bar kit.

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