How Much Is Louis The 13th Cognac

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A luxurious indulgence for true connoisseurs, Louis XIII Cognac, is synonymous with prestige and opulence. Crafted from the finest grapes grown in the Grande Champagne region by the renowned Rémy Martin brand, this exquisite spirit commands a premium price tag which often raises eyebrows.

One may wonder how much it costs to experience such an exclusive sip. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about Louis XIII Cognac – from its production process to pricing factors and different variations available on the market.

Key Takeaways:

  • Louis XIII Cognac is a highly coveted luxury spirit made from a blend of 1,200 aged eaux-de-vie sourced exclusively from the prestigious Grande Champagne vineyards.
  • Various factors affect the pricing of Louis XIII Cognac, including age, rarity, packaging and presentation, reputation and brand prestige, market demand and availability, and limited edition releases.
  • Different types of Louis XIII Cognac are available with varying price points and unique taste profiles. The Classic variant costs around $3,000 for a standard bottle (750ml), while the Black Pearl is one of the most expensive cognacs in the world at $30,000 per bottle. Louis XIII Rare Cask 42.6 starts at an impressive €18,000 ($23,000 US) per decanter.
  • It’s crucial to research prices thoroughly before purchasing or collecting bottles to find affordable options and avoid being scammed by counterfeit sellers who often take advantage of inexperienced buyers on online trading platforms or auction sites such as eBay or Craigslist.

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Understanding Louis XIII Cognac

Louis The 13th Cognac

Louis XIII Cognac is made from a blend of 1,200 exclusively aged eaux-de-vie and produced in the Grande Champagne region using traditional methods.

The Production Process

The production of Louis XIII cognac is a meticulously crafted process that ensures its unparalleled quality, making it a prized possession for any cocktail drinker. Initially, grapes are carefully grown and harvested in the chalky soil of the Grande Champagne region – an area renowned for producing some of the finest eaux-de-vie for cognac.

Following harvest, these grapes undergo double distillation in traditional copper pot stills to create a rich, aromatic eau-de-vie with distinctive notes.

Afterward, they are aged in handcrafted French oak barrels known as tierçons. These tierçons have played a significant part in Rémy Martin’s lineage since 1724 while passing down knowledge from generations of cellar masters who continue to nurture and shape Louis XIII cognac today.

During this period of maturation, skilled cellar masters oversee every step with meticulous detail while blending different aged eaux-de-vie to attain just the right balance for each edition or vintage release.

The Grande Champagne Region

The Grande Champagne region, nestled in the heart of Cognac, France, is renowned for its superior quality and exquisite cognacs. This prestigious area boasts a unique terroir characterized by chalky soil that contributes to producing exceptional grapes ideal for crafting premium spirits.

As cocktail drinkers explore various spirits, the significance of the Grande Champagne region should not be underestimated when selecting a fine Cognac. Grand cru status sets it apart from other areas within the Cognac region, ensuring that only the highest quality eaux-de-vie are used to create luxurious blends such as Rémy Martin’s famed Louis XIII recipe.

The Factors That Affect Louis XIII Cognac Pricing

Various factors affect the pricing of Louis XIII Cognac, including age, rarity, packaging and presentation, reputation and brand prestige, market demand and availability, and limited edition releases.

Age And Rarity

Age and rarity are two crucial factors affecting Louis XIII cognac’s pricing, a highly coveted beverage among cocktail enthusiasts. This premium spirit’s exquisite taste and sophistication come from its unique blend, which consists of up to 1,200 individual eaux-de-vie sourced exclusively from the prestigious Grande Champagne vineyards.

The older a cognac is, the more expensive it becomes due to its increased quality and scarcity. This holds for Louis XIII as well. As time goes by, an aged cognac develops more decadent flavors and becomes rarer since there’s less stock available on the market.

Additionally, limited edition releases such as Rare Cask further drive up prices with their exclusivity factor – these rare bottlings boast unique profiles that discerning collectors covet immensely.

Packaging And Presentation

The packaging and presentation of Louis XIII Cognac play a significant role in its pricing. The cognac is often displayed in a unique crystal decanter, which can even be engraved with the buyer’s initials.

The decanter is designed to resemble an ancient flask found on the battlefield of Jarnac in 1569 and is housed in an elegant case made of oak from the Limousin forest.

Some limited edition bottles are also packaged with artistic collaborations or ornate designs that add to their collectability value. For instance, a special edition bottle wrapped in hand-sewn leather designed by Hermès once sold for over $60,000 at auction.

Reputation And Brand Prestige

The brand prestige and reputation of Louis XIII Cognac contribute significantly to its pricing. It is a luxury product with high quality, exclusivity, prestige, and a niche market.

Louis XIII has mastered the art of creating cognacs that are not only delicious but also collectible items for enthusiasts. The brand’s distinguished imagery includes a regal glass decanter and packaging designed by Baccarat, an iconic French crystal manufacturer.

It is also part of the Rémy Martin family, known for centuries-old knowledge in selecting only the best eaux-de-vie from Grande Champagne vineyards in France.

Market Demand And Availability

The market demand and availability of Louis XIII Cognac significantly affect its pricing. High-end wine and spirits shops, auction houses, private collections, specialty bars, and restaurants typically carry the cognac.

The high demand for Louis XIII Cognac can make it challenging to find in many areas, especially during limited edition releases.

In 2019, only 149 barrels of the rare cask were produced – a small quantity compared to other luxury liquors like Macallan whiskey or Hennessy cognac. As a result, this rarity adds to the value of each bottle sold in the market.

Despite its exclusivity, there are still less expensive options available that offer a similar taste profile as Louis XIII Cognac.

Limited Edition Releases

Louis XIII Cognac is known for its rarity and exclusivity, and limited edition releases take this to the next level. These special editions come in unique packaging and offer a unique experience for cognac lovers.

One such release is the 100-Year-Old Black Pearl Anniversary Edition, which was limited to just 775 decanters. This special edition comes with an engraved plaque, a leather-bound book, and crystal glasses housed in a stunning black lacquered case.

The price tag? A cool $35,000 per bottle! Louis XIII also released “Le Mathusalem” – a six-liter crystal decanter filled with its signature blend of aged eaux-de-vie – for those who want to make an even grander statement at their parties or events.

Different Types Of Louis XIII Cognac And Their Prices

Louis XIII Cognac

There are several types of Louis XIII Cognac available, including the Classic, Black Pearl, and Rare Cask 42.6, each with its unique price points and characteristics – read on to discover which one fits your taste preferences best!

Louis XIII Classic

Louis XIII Classic is the original and most famous variant of Louis XIII Cognac. It’s made with a blend of 1,200 aged eaux-de-vie, some up to 100 years old.

The classic Cognac boasts rich aromas of figs, honey, and nutmeg alongside a velvety palate full of flavors like sandalwood and jasmine.

Notably, every decanter used for Louis XIII Classic is hand-crafted by Baccarat Crystal. With such attention to detail in production and presentation, it’s no surprise that this Cognac has become synonymous with luxury.

Louis XIII Black Pearl

Louis XIII Black Pearl is the epitome of luxury and one of the most expensive cognacs in the world. The bottle alone, crafted by Baccarat crystal, is a work of art that adds to its exclusivity.

This rare blend comprises over 1,200 eau-de-vie aged between 40-100 years old, expertly mixed by generations of cellar masters at Rémy Martin. With tasting notes ranging from jasmine and nutmeg to fig and sandalwood, this royal liquor stays true to its name with a velvety finish fit for a king or queen.

Louis XIII Rare Cask 42.6

Louis XIII Rare Cask 42.6 is a true masterpiece with a velvety texture, rich aroma, and unique taste profile aged in Tierçons barrels made of French oak.

This limited edition cognac has an ABV of 42.6% and is presented in a black crystal decanter that demands attention on any shelf or bar.

With only a few hundred units available worldwide, it’s no surprise that the price for one decanter of Louis XIII Rare Cask 42.6 starts at an impressive €18,000 (or $23,000 US).

Average Price Ranges For Louis XIII Cognac

Louis XIII Cognac comes in different price ranges, from entry-level bottles starting at $660 for a 50 ml bottle to ultra-luxury bottles such as Louis XIII Black Pearl Grande Champagne Cognac with a price tag of around $30,000.

Entry-Level Prices

For those interested in trying Louis XIII Cognac without breaking the bank, some entry-level options are available. A 50 mL bottle of this luxury brand starts at around $660, with prices for a full-sized 750 mL bottle averaging from $3,000 to $4,100, depending on the retailer and location.

While this may seem costly compared to other brands of cognac on the market, it’s important to remember that each bottle is made up of a blend of 1,200 aged eaux-de-vie, with some dating back over one century.

Additionally, sipping just one ounce can often provide an unforgettable experience due to its unique taste profile containing notes of nutmeg and jasmine alongside fruity flavors like fig and prune.

Mid-Range Prices

Mid-range prices offer a good compromise between quality and affordability for those looking to experience Louis XIII Cognac without breaking the bank. A 375 mL bottle of Louis XIII Classic can cost around $2,500, while a 700 mL bottle retails for about $7,000.

Most standards still consider this expensive but provide a more accessible option for those who cannot afford the high-end or ultra-luxury options. Additionally, limited edition releases such as Louis XIII Time Collection The Origin 1874 may fall into this price range depending on availability.

High-End Prices

For those willing to splurge, high-end Louis XIII Cognac prices can range from $5,000 to over $30,000 for a bottle. The Remy Martin Louis XIII Black Pearl Grande Champagne Cognac is one of the world’s most expensive bottles of cognac and has sold for as much as $30,000.

Collectors and enthusiasts prize this luxury spirit for its exceptional taste profile and unique aging process involving a blend of up to 1,200 different aged eaux-de-vie.

Ultra-Luxury Prices

For those looking to indulge in the ultimate luxury, Louis XIII Cognac offers some of the most expensive options on the market. At the top end of the range is a limited edition offering called “The Legacy,” which comes in a custom-designed trunk and includes a crystal decanter engraved with gold.

Other rare and highly sought-after editions include Black Pearl and Rare Cask 42.6. The former has floral jasmine and spicy nutmeg notes, while the latter boasts rich flavors like figs, prunes, and rancio.

Both are priced at several thousand dollars per bottle and are prized possessions for collectors who appreciate fine spirits.

Size Options And Prices For Louis XIII Cognac

Louis XIII Cognac is available in a standard 750 mL bottle, as well as miniatures (50 mL) and magnums (1.5L), with prices ranging from $660 to over $30,000 depending on the size and type of cognac.

Standard Bottle (750ml)

The standard bottle size for Louis XIII Cognac is 750ml, the most commonly available option. At a price point of $4,100 per bottle, it’s a luxury item that should be enjoyed slowly and savored.

The blend features over 1,200 exclusively aged eaux-de-vie sourced from the finest grapes in Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne regions. The aging process takes over 100 years to achieve its distinctive taste profile of nutmeg, prune, fig, jasmine, and sandalwood with rancio finish making each sip an experience worth remembering.

Miniature Bottle (50ml)

There is a Miniature Edition available for cocktail drinkers who want to taste the luxury of Louis XIII Cognac without breaking the bank. This smaller bottle contains 50 ml of the iconic Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac and can be purchased for around $600, making it a more attainable option.

While it may not provide multiple servings like a full-size bottle, this miniature edition still delivers the same exceptional blend made from over 1,200 exclusively aged eaux-de-vie, contributing to its unique velvety texture and rich complexity.

Magnum Bottle (1.5L)

For those who love entertaining or want to make a grand statement, the Magnum Bottle of Louis XIII Cognac is an excellent choice. This crystal decanter contains either 1.5L (or 1.75L in the USA) of this premium cognac, making it perfect for larger gatherings or special occasions.

Not only is it impressive in size, but each bottle is also individually numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity, further adding to its exclusivity.

It’s important to note that as the size increases, so does the price tag – expect to pay around $7,995 (ex-tax) for one Magnum bottle of Louis XIII de Remy Martin Grande Champagne Cognac.

Where To Buy Louis XIII Cognac

You can purchase Louis XIII Cognac at official retailers, high-end wine and spirits shops, auction houses, private collections, and specialty bars and restaurants.

Official Louis XIII Retailers

Louis XIII Cognac is a luxury spirit found at official Louis XIII retailers. These include high-end wine and spirits shops, specialty bars and restaurants, auction houses, and private collections.

For example, Harrods in London is the world’s first Louis XIII Cognac Boutique. The boutique offers different size options, including a 5cl miniature that costs £700 or $830.

If you’re interested in owning a bottle of this fine cognac, you can also purchase it online for delivery or pickup at a nearby store.

High-End Wine And Spirits Shops

High-end wine and spirits shops are among the best places to find Louis XIII Cognac. These specialty stores typically carry rare and exclusive bottles unavailable in regular liquor stores.

Some examples include Sherry-Lehmann, Astor Wines & Spirits, and K&L Wine Merchants. The staff at these shops is knowledgeable about spirits like cognac and can recommend different types of Louis XIII depending on a customer’s taste preference or budget.

Louis XIII Cognac is a highly sought-after spirit due to its rarity, prestige, and rich taste profile. It commands high prices at high-end wine and spirits shops, with entry-level prices starting around $3,000 for a standard 750ml bottle up to several tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands for limited edition releases or larger sizes like magnums (1.5L) or even Jeroboams (3L).

Auction Houses And Private Collections

For those looking to acquire an ultra-luxury Louis XIII cognac bottle, auction houses and private collections can be great option.

Auctions such as Sotheby’s have been known to sell bottles for hundreds of thousands of dollars, making it a complete purchase for the most discerning collectors.

One notable example is the Louis XIII Black Pearl Anniversary Edition, released in 2010. Only 775 bottles were produced, each housed in a black crystal decanter with platinum accents priced at a staggering $35,000.

Specialty Bars And Restaurants

If you’re looking for a unique experience with Louis XIII Cognac, consider visiting specialty bars and restaurants that feature the luxurious spirit on their menus.

These establishments often have knowledgeable bartenders who can recommend cocktails and pairings that highlight the rich flavors of this exceptional cognac.

One example is The Bar at The Dorchester in London, which offers a menu of Louis XIII cocktails starting at £160 ($220). Or, head to New York City’s Baccarat Hotel, where you can sip on rare vintage blends of Louis XIII for upwards of $1,500 per glass.

Tips For Buying And Collecting Louis XIII Cognac

Research and compare prices and reviews, verify the authenticity and provenance, store and display bottles properly, and most importantly, enjoy and share the experience.

Research And Compare Prices And Reviews

Before buying a bottle of Louis XIII Cognac, it’s crucial to do thorough research and compare prices and reviews from different sources. This luxury spirit is quite expensive, and pricing varies depending on the type, size, packaging, rarity, demand, and availability.

For example, a standard 750 mL bottle of Louis XIII Classic can cost around $3,000 to $4,000, while a limited edition Black Pearl or Rare Cask 42.6 may fetch up to $40,000 or more.

In addition to comparing prices based on your preferences for taste profiles (nutmeg? prune? aromatic jasmine?), age ranges (from 25 years at least with a different blend of cognacs that have been aged anywhere between forty to one hundred years in tierçons), crystal decanters (Baccarat), cru classifications (Grande champagne producing vineyards of Remi-Martin) among others; you must also read reviews from other consumers who’ve tasted this luxurious drink before purchasing your bottle(s).

Verify Authenticity And Provenance

It’s essential to verify the authenticity and provenance of any bottle of Louis XIII Cognac before buying or collecting. With such a high-end product, there is always the risk of counterfeit bottles being sold.

One way to ensure authenticity is to purchase from an official Louis XIII retailer or high-end wine and spirits shop.

Another factor to consider when verifying provenance is the history of ownership and storage conditions. A reputable seller should be able to document where the bottle has been stored and who has owned it in the past.

Store And Display Bottles Properly

Proper storage and display of your Louis XIII cognac are essential if you want it to maintain its quality over time. Since the cognac has been aged for several decades, improper storage can ruin the taste and aroma of this fine drink.

It would be best to keep your bottle in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

Storing your Louis XIII cognac bottle upright is also essential instead of laying it on its side like wine bottles. Because of its unique decanter design, storing it horizontally can damage the cork and cause leakage, potentially ruining valuable liquid gold.

If you’re an avid collector planning to showcase your collection at home, consider getting a temperature-controlled glass cabinet or display case that provides adequate protection from UV light while keeping humidity levels consistent.

Enjoy And Share The Experience With Others

One of the best things about Louis XIII Cognac is that it’s not just a drink but an experience. From the moment you see the exquisite Baccarat crystal decanter to when you take your first sip and savor its complex flavors, every detail of enjoying this cognac is memorable.

That’s why it’s always best to share the experience with others. Whether hosting a fancy cocktail party or simply having a night in with friends, serving Louis XIII Cognac is sure to impress.

Discussing its rich history and production process can make for fascinating conversation while you enjoy its smooth taste.

Louis XIII Cognac isn’t just for special occasions either – it can be enjoyed anytime you want to treat yourself to something remarkable.


Q: What is Louis XIII Cognac?

A: Louis XIII is a type of cognac blended by the House of Rémy Martin. It is one of the oldest blends of eaux-de-vie, with each decanter containing up to 1,200 different spirits.

Q: How much does a bottle of Louis XIII Cognac cost?

A: The price of a single bottle of Louis XIII Cognac depends on various factors, such as the limited edition being offered and the year it was bottled. On average, expect to pay upwards of $3,000 for a 750ml bottle.

Q: What does “grande champagne” mean about Louis XIII Cognac?

A: Grande Champagne is one of France’s two premier crus of the Cognac region, characterized by its chalky soil and ideal grape-growing conditions. Louis XIII Cognac is a blend of eaux-de-vie from both the grande champagne premier cru and the petite champagne cru.

Q: Who is Rémy Martin?

A: Rémy Martin is a cognac house founded in 1724 and is responsible for creating the Louis XIII Cognac brand.

Q: What is the history of Louis XIII Cognac?

A: Louis XIII Cognac was first created in 1874 by the Rémy Martin cellar master, and it was named after the monarch who reigned in France centuries ago. It blends Louis XIII Cognac and other spirits from the grande champagne and petite champagne crus.

Q: What is the process for creating Louis XIII Cognac?

A: Louis XIII Cognac is made through a thorough and delicate process of blending and aging eaux-de-vie, matured slowly inside oak casks for up to 100 years. The final blend is bottled in a classic, handcrafted decanter by the French crystal house Saint-Louis.

Q: What are the tasting notes for Louis XIII Cognac?

A: Louis XIII Cognac has a complex and layered flavor profile with notes of honey, nuts, and dried fruit. It has a smooth and silky texture and a long finish that lingers on the palate.

Q: What is the difference between Louis XIII Cognac and XO Cognac?

A: Louis XIII Cognac is a blend of eaux-de-vie that has been aged for up to 100 years, while XO Cognac is a blend of eaux-de-vie that has been aged for a minimum of 6 years. This makes Louis XIII Cognac much more expensive and exclusive than XO Cognac.

Q: What is a rare cask of Louis XIII Cognac?

A: A rare cask of Louis XIII Cognac is a limited edition offering that has been aged for up to 100 years in a specific type of oak cask. These casks are selected for their exceptional quality and unique flavor profile, making them highly sought after by collectors.

Q: Can I purchase Louis XIII Cognac online?

A: You can purchase Louis XIII Cognac online through various retailers. However, due to its high price point and exclusivity, it is recommended that you buy from a reputable source and only invest in a limited edition if you are a serious collector or enthusiast.

Q: What is the cognac experience offered by the House of Rémy Martin?

A: The cognac experience offered by the House of Rémy Martin is a guided tour of their distillery and cellars in Cognac, France. Visitors can learn about the brand’s history, and the production process for Louis XIII Cognac and sample some of their other cognac offerings.


In summary, Louis XIII Cognac is a high-end luxury spirit costing thousands of dollars per bottle. Its exclusive blend of aged eaux-de-vie and unique production process contributes to its high price tag.

The price ranges for Louis XIII Cognac vary depending on the type, size, packaging, and availability. However, Louis XIII Cognac might be worth the investment if you’re a cocktail drinker looking for an exceptional taste profile with velvety notes of nutmeg and jasmine.