How Much Is Grey Goose Vodka

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Welcome to our comprehensive Grey Goose Vodka price guide, where we’ll shed light on the cost of this luxurious spirit that has gained worldwide recognition for its smooth taste and exceptional quality.

As a distinguished brand loved by cocktail drinkers everywhere, it’s essential to know what you’re paying for when selecting the perfect bottle. In this article, we will dive into everything from the history of Grey Goose Vodka to factors influencing its pricing and even some delicious cocktail recipes you can create at home.

Key Takeaways:

  • Grey Goose vodka is a premium spirit known for its smooth and clean taste, made with soft winter wheat from the Picardy region of France and natural spring water from Gensac-la-Pallue in the Cognac region.
  • The price of Grey Goose varies depending on factors such as bottle size, production costs, marketing and distribution expenses, taxes, and import duties. A 750ml bottle can cost between $24.98 – $33.99, while a 1L bottle costs around $31.99 – $47.99.
  • Compared to other popular vodka brands like Absolut or Smirnoff, Grey Goose sits on the higher end of the price spectrum due to its unique distillation process that ensures exceptional quality and an exquisite flavor profile.
  • Flavored options are also available at different prices ranging from approximately $24.99 for a 750ml bottle of La Poire or Le Citron up to around $54.99 for a larger-size Grey Goose VX variant that boasts flavors like ripe black cherries mixed with vanilla notes followed by a light spicy finish with hints of almond and gingerbread spices.

About Grey Goose Vodka

Grey Goose Vodka with Ice

Grey Goose Vodka is a high-end spirit known for its smooth and clean taste, made with soft winter wheat from the Picardy region of France and natural spring water from Gensac-la-Pallue in the Cognac region.

Brand Reputation And History

Grey Goose vodka has long been synonymous with luxury and sophistication in spirits, established in the 1990s by American entrepreneur Sidney Frank, the brand aimed to create a super-premium vodka that would stand out among competitors.

The brand’s prestigious reputation is not solely rooted in its price tag but stems from its meticulous production process overseen by Maître de Chai, Francois Thibault.

Thibault hailed from a background in cognac-making and infused his expertise to craft an unparalleled vodka experience for discerning palates worldwide. The name “Grey Goose” itself pays homage to geese inhabiting Cognac – another nod to the seamless synergy between these two distinct categories of alcohol.

Distillation Process And Quality

Grey Goose vodka takes pride in its meticulous distillation process, ensuring a high-quality and clean-tasting spirit. The brand uses only the finest soft winter wheat from the Picardy region of France and natural spring water from Gensac-la-Pallue in the Cognac region.

The distillation process begins with a single round of distillation to maintain the integrity and flavor profile of the vodka. Grey Goose believes that multiple distillations do not necessarily improve quality but can strip away essential characteristics leading to a less satisfying taste.

With hints of almond are added during production to enhance its softness and gentle sweetness.

In addition to its remarkable flavor, Grey Goose is also gluten-free due to the comprehensive purification carried out during its distillation process, which removes any traces of gluten from the final product.

Grey Goose Vodka Price Guide

Discover the price ranges for Grey Goose vodka in different bottle sizes, compare them with other brands, and explore the factors that affect their prices.

Grey Goose Vodka Prices For Different Bottle Sizes

Regarding Grey Goose vodka prices, it’s important to consider the different bottle sizes available. These vary from 375ml to 1.75 liters and can significantly impact the overall cost. The following table provides an overview of the average prices of Grey Goose vodka for each bottle size:


Bottle Size Average Price
375ml $18 – $22
750ml $35 – $45
1 liter $45 – $55
1.75 liters $60 – $70


Remember that these prices can vary depending on the retailer and any discounts or promotions that may be available. Always compare prices across various stores to ensure you get the best deal for your preferred bottle size of Grey Goose vodka.

Grey Goose Vodka Price Comparison With Other Vodka Brands

Grey Goose vodka is considered a premium spirit, and its price point reflects that status. To give you a better understanding of how Grey Goose compares to other vodka brands in terms of price, we’ve compiled the following table:


Brand Size Price
Grey Goose 750ml $32.99 – $43.99
Absolut 750ml $18.99 – $26.99
Ketel One 750ml $22.99 – $33.99
Belvedere 750ml $29.99 – $39.99
Tito’s Handmade Vodka 750ml $19.99 – $24.99
Stolichnaya (Stoli) 750ml $18.99 – $31.99
Cîroc 750ml $29.99 – $39.99
Smirnoff 750ml $11.99 – $17.99


As you can see, Grey Goose sits on the higher end of the price spectrum when compared to other popular vodka brands. However, this premium pricing is often justified by the brand’s reputation for quality, unique distillation process, and smooth taste that cocktail drinkers appreciate.

Grey Goose Vodka Flavors And Prices

Grey Goose offers a variety of flavors that cater to the diverse tastes of vodka enthusiasts. The prices for these flavored vodkas range depending on the bottle size and flavor. Below is an HTML table showcasing the different Grey Goose vodka flavors and their prices.


Flavor Bottle Size Price Range
Original 750ml $24.98 – $57.99
Original 1.75L $39.99 – $59.99
La Poire 750ml $24.99 – $36.99
Le Citron 750ml $24.99 – $36.99
L’Orange 750ml $24.99 – $36.99
Cherry Noir 750ml $24.99 – $36.99
Grey Goose VX 750ml $53.99 – $79.99


These flavored vodkas can create cocktails that cater to your preferences, whether you enjoy a simple vodka martini or a creative concoction featuring one of Grey Goose’s unique flavors.

Factors Affecting Grey Goose Vodka Prices

Shot of Grey Goose Vodka

Production costs, marketing and distribution expenses, taxes, and import duties are some factors affecting Grey Goose vodka prices.

Production Costs

The cost of producing Grey Goose vodka can vary depending on various factors, including the ingredients used and the water source. Wheat or rye are typically more expensive than sugarcane, which can impact the product’s final price.

Using natural spring water from a particular region may also increase production costs. These factors make Grey Goose one of the pricier vodka options on the market compared to other brands like Kirkland or Ketel One.

Marketing And Distribution Costs

Grey Goose vodka is a premium brand that spends significantly on marketing and distribution costs. The brand’s high-end reputation requires them to use upscale advertising and promotional campaigns, which can increase the final cost of its products.

Additionally, Grey Goose vodka uses selective distribution strategies that limit the number of retail locations where its product is sold. This exclusivity creates a perception of luxury around the product, but it also means consumers may have to pay more for their drinks.

For example, Grey Goose’s unique distillation process ensures that every batch receives detailed attention from experienced professionals. Each bottle contains soft winter wheat grown in Picardy region, France- one of the world’s best-known growing regions for grains used in spirits like Cognac – along with natural spring water filtered through limestone from Gensac-La-Pallue in the Cognac region.

Taxes And Import Duties

Grey Goose Vodka may be subject to taxes and import duties depending on where you purchase it. In the United States, vodka is subject to a Federal Excise Tax of $13.50 per proof gallon, which can significantly increase the overall cost of a bottle.

It’s important to remember this when comparing prices across different retailers and locations. Sometimes, buying from online stores or local liquor shops can help you avoid additional fees from importing vodka from other countries.

Where To Find Grey Goose Vodka

Grey Goose Vodka can be found at online stores and marketplaces, liquor stores and retailers, as well as bars and nightclubs.

Online Stores And Marketplaces

If you’re looking to purchase Grey Goose vodka from the comfort of your home, there are plenty of online stores and marketplaces where you can find it. Here are a few options to consider:


  • Drizly: This alcohol delivery service partners with local retailers to bring you various beverages, including Grey Goose vodka. Browse their selection online and have your order delivered straight to your door.
  • ReserveBar: This online retailer specializes in premium spirits and offers a range of Grey Goose products for purchase, including limited edition flavors and gift sets.
  • Total Wine & More: Besides their brick-and-mortar stores, Total Wine & More also has an extensive online store where you can order Grey Goose vodka and have it shipped directly to your home.
  • Amazon: You can find almost anything on Amazon, including Grey Goose vodka. Be sure to read reviews carefully before purchasing from third-party sellers.


No matter where you choose to buy Grey Goose vodka online, compare prices and factor in shipping costs before making your purchase. Some retailers may offer free shipping or discounts on bulk orders, so it’s worth shopping for the best deal.

Liquor Stores And Retailers

Grey Goose vodka can be found in various liquor stores and retailers worldwide. Here are some places to check out:


  1. Total Wine & More – This is one of the largest wine and spirits retailers in the US, with over 200 locations across 24 states. They carry a wide variety of Grey Goose vodkas at competitive prices.
  2. BevMo! – Short for Beverages & More, this retailer has nearly 170 locations across California, Arizona, and Washington State. They have a good selection of Grey Goose vodkas, including limited edition flavors.
  3. Liquor Barn – With over 15 locations throughout Kentucky, this retailer has been selling premium spirits for over 30 years. They carry several varieties of Grey Goose vodka, including their original and flavored options.
  4. ABC Fine Wine & Spirits – Established in Florida in 1936, this retailer now has over 120 stores across the southeastern US. They offer a range of Grey Goose options to choose from.
  5. Walmart – One of the largest retail chains worldwide, Walmart stocks Grey Goose vodka online and in-store at competitive prices that vary by location.
  6. Target – Another major retail chain in the US with over 1,900 locations nationwide that carry a variety of Grey Goose vodkas at reasonable prices both online and in-store.


Remember to check local liquor stores for availability and pricing on Grey Goose vodka products!

Bars And Nightclubs

Bars and nightclubs often charge a premium price for Grey Goose vodka due to its reputation as a high-end, super-premium product. Here are some tips for finding the best deals on Grey Goose at bars and nightclubs:


  1. Look for happy hour or special event discounts that can offer significant savings.
  2. Check out upscale lounges or hotel bars, which may have lower prices than trendy nightclubs.
  3. Ask the bartender if they offer bottle service specials or package deals on drinks.
  4. Consider ordering Grey Goose as part of a cocktail or mixed drink to get more value for your money.
  5. Remember that prices vary widely depending on the location and specific establishment, so it’s always worth asking about pricing options before ordering.


Tips For Buying Grey Goose Vodka

Compare prices and discounts before making a purchase, consider buying in bulk to save money, and look for exclusive offers that can help you get more value.

Compare Prices And Discounts

To make sure you are getting the best deal on Grey Goose vodka, here are some tips for comparing prices and finding discounts:


  1. Check online liquor stores like Drizly, Total Wine, and BevMo for promotional discounts and bulk pricing deals.
  2. Compare prices between brick-and-mortar retailers in your area, such as liquor stores or supermarkets selling alcohol.
  3. Consider subscribing to a retailer’s email newsletter to receive alerts about sales or exclusive offers.
  4. Look out for holiday seasons or special occasions when retailers may offer discounts on Grey Goose vodka.
  5. Don’t forget to check out Costco’s Kirkland brand vodka, which is often compared favorably to Grey Goose and tends to be substantially cheaper.


By watching for promotions and shopping around at different retailers, you can save money while still enjoying the smooth taste of Grey Goose vodka.

Consider Buying In Bulk

If you’re a fan of Grey Goose vodka, then you should consider buying it in bulk to save some money. Many liquor stores offer discounts when you purchase multiple bottles at once, especially if they have promotions or sales.

Shopping online is another way to save money when buying Grey Goose vodka in bulk. Many online retailers specialize in alcohol and often have lower prices than physical stores.

Remember that although buying in bulk can be cost-effective, it’s important not to overspend or exceed your budget. Be mindful of how much you drink and plan accordingly so your stockpile won’t go unused for too long.

Look For Exclusive Offers

If you’re a savvy shopper, you may be able to find exclusive deals and discounts on Grey Goose vodka. Watch for limited-time promotions or bundle deals at your local liquor store or online marketplace.

You can also sign up for newsletters from retailers like Total Wine & More to stay in the loop on sales and special offers.

But be wary of counterfeit products advertised as Grey Goose at incredibly low prices – these are often scams that can have dangerous health consequences.

Stick with reputable sellers and authorized distributors to ensure you get authentic Grey Goose vodka at a fair price.

Grey Goose Vodka Cocktails And Recipes

Grey Goose Vodka is a versatile spirit that can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in various cocktails. One classic vodka cocktail is the Vodka Martini, made by mixing Grey Goose Original Vodka with dry vermouth and garnished with olives or a twist of lemon.

For something more fruity, try making a Grey Goose Le Citron Cosmopolitan by combining Grey Goose Le Citron with cranberry juice and triple sec. And for brunch lovers, nothing beats a spicy Bloody Mary made using Grey Goose La Poire Vodka mixed with tomato juice, hot sauce, and Worcestershire sauce.

Classic Vodka Martini Recipe

Enjoy the classic cocktail with Grey Goose Vodka. Here’s how to make it:


  1. Fill a mixing glass with ice.
  2. Add 2 1/2 oz Grey Goose Vodka and 1/2 oz dry vermouth.
  3. Stir for about 30 seconds until well-chilled.
  4. Strain into a chilled martini glass.
  5. Garnish with a lemon twist or olive.


With its smooth and clean taste, Grey Goose Vodka is the perfect base for this classic cocktail. Plus, since Grey Goose is entirely wheat-based, you’ll get a subtle hint of almond that pairs perfectly with the dry vermouth. Don’t forget to garnish your drink for an added touch of elegance!

Cosmopolitan Recipe

Looking for a fun and easy way to enjoy Grey Goose vodka? Try making a classic cosmopolitan with these simple steps:


  1. In a cocktail shaker, combine 1 1/2 oz. Grey Goose L’Orange flavored vodka, 1 oz. Triple sec, 1/2 oz. Cranberry juice and 1/4 oz. Lime juice.
  2. Fill the shaker with ice and shake vigorously until the mixture is chilled.
  3. Strain the cocktail into a chilled martini glass.
  4. Garnish with a twist of orange peel or a lime wheel.


Try experimenting with different ratios of ingredients to find your perfect cosmopolitan recipe! And if you’re feeling adventurous, feel free to substitute other Grey Goose flavors for the L’Orange in this recipe.

Remember, Grey Goose is crafted as a top-shelf vodka and can be pricey, so it’s important to consider whether investing in this brand is worth it for your specific needs and preferences.

Bloody Mary Recipe

Make a perfect Bloody Mary with Grey Goose vodka using this recipe:


  • Fill a tall glass with ice cubes
  • Add 2 oz of Grey Goose Vodka
  • Pour in 4 oz of premium organic tomato juice
  • Squeeze in fresh lemon juice and add a dash of Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce to taste
  • Mix well, then garnish with celery stalks, olives, and lime wedges
  • Enjoy your delicious and smooth Bloody Mary made with the world’s best-tasting vodka.


Fun fact: Did you know the first Bloody Mary was made at Harry’s New York Bar in Paris in the 1920s? It was originally known as the “Bucket of Blood” but was later renamed after Queen Mary I of England.

Other Popular Grey Goose Cocktails

If you’re looking to mix up your Grey Goose vodka game, try out these popular cocktails:


  1. Greyhound – Mix Grey Goose vodka with grapefruit juice and garnish with a slice of fresh grapefruit.
  2. Espresso Martini – Combine Grey Goose vodka, espresso, coffee liqueur, and simple syrup for a tasty pick-me-up.
  3. Lemon Drop Martini – Mix Grey Goose vodka, lemon juice, triple sec, and simple syrup for a sweet and sour treat.
  4. Vodka Tonic – Keep it simple with Grey Goose vodka and tonic water over ice, garnished with a wedge of lime.
  5. Cosmopolitan – Combine Grey Goose vodka with cranberry juice, triple sec, and lime juice for a fruity yet sophisticated cocktail.


Remember always to drink responsibly and enjoy your Grey Goose cocktails in moderation!


Q: What is Grey Goose Vodka?

A: Grey Goose Vodka is a premium French vodka known for its smooth and clean taste. It is made from 100% French ingredients, including spring water from Gensac, and is distilled using a process that preserves its natural taste and character.

Q: What makes Grey Goose Vodka special?

A: Grey Goose Vodka is considered one of the best-tasting vodkas in the world due to its clean and pure taste, elegant floral aromas, and bright and satisfying finish. It is made using only the finest ingredients and is crafted carefully to ensure a smooth and soft texture.

Q: How much does a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka cost?

A: The price of a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka can vary depending on the size of the bottle and where it is purchased. However, a standard 750ml bottle of Grey Goose Vodka usually costs around $30-$35, while a larger 1.75L bottle can cost around $50-$55.

Q: What is the taste of Grey Goose Vodka?

A: Grey Goose Vodka is known for its smooth and clean taste with a hint of almond and gentle sweetness. It has a bright and satisfying finish with citrus notes and light floral aromas. The texture is rounded and soft with a gentle sweetness, making it one of the best-tasting vodkas in the world.

Q: How is Grey Goose Vodka made?

A: Grey Goose Vodka uses 100% French ingredients, including soft winter wheat and spring water from Gensac. It is distilled using a five-step process to preserve its natural flavor and character and then blend with spring water to achieve the perfect taste and texture.

Q: Is Grey Goose Vodka gluten-free?

A: Yes, Grey Goose Vodka is gluten-free. It is made from soft winter wheat, which is naturally gluten-free, and is distilled five times to remove any traces of gluten or impurities.

Q: What is the alcohol content of Grey Goose Vodka?

A: The alcohol content of Grey Goose Vodka is 40% ABV (80 proof), which is the standard for most vodkas on the market.

Q: What are the best ways to drink Grey Goose Vodka?

A: Grey Goose Vodka is a versatile spirit that can be enjoyed in various ways. It is commonly served chilled and neat in a shot glass, but it also pairs well with various mixers, including tonic, soda, or cranberry juice. It can also be a base for classic cocktails, such as a martini or screwdriver.

Q: How should Grey Goose Vodka be stored?

A: Grey Goose Vodka should be stored in a cool and dark place, away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Once opened, it should be consumed within a reasonable time frame to ensure its quality and taste are not compromised.

Q: Who makes Grey Goose Vodka?

A: Grey Goose Vodka is produced by Bacardi, one of the largest spirits companies in the world. It was first created in 1997 by Francois Thibault, a master distiller passionate about creating the finest vodka in the world.


In conclusion, Grey Goose vodka is among the world’s best-selling vodkas. Its smooth, clean, and soft texture gives a satisfying finish that keeps cocktail drinkers returning for more.

Regarding prices, a 750ml bottle can cost between $24.98 – $33.99, while a 1L bottle costs around $31.99 – $47.99.

Whether sipping on an elegant Cosmopolitan or enjoying it in your favorite classic martini recipe, Grey Goose is the perfect ingredient to elevate any cocktail experience at home or out on the town! So, crack open a bottle today- your taste buds will thank you!