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Absinthe French

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2 oz absinthe or pastis (6 cl, 1/2 gills)
1/2 lump sugar (1 1/2 oz, 4.5 cl, 3/8 gills)
Half fill glass with shaved ice
Place sugar cube on top
Drip absinthe over sugar-drip by drip
Add lemon twist, straws
Serve in a rocks glass (6.0 oz)

How to determine glass size

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pictureBishop (cooler) Variation
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pictureCaipirinha, The
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pictureCanadian Apple
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pictureCape Codder (cape Cod)
pictureCape Codder (cape Cod) Variation
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pictureColonel Cocktail
pictureComforter Cocktail
pictureCommodore Cocktail
pictureCommodore Perry Cocktail
pictureContinental Hiball
pictureContinental Sour
pictureContinental Sour Variation
pictureCool Colonel
pictureCopper Mist
pictureCordial Medoc Cup
pictureCount Currey
pictureCountry Cocktail
pictureCountry Gentleman Cocktail
pictureCream Fizz
pictureCream Puff
pictureCream Punch
pictureCreamy Driver
pictureCreole Fizz
pictureCrimson Cocktail
pictureCrow Cocktail
pictureCuba Libre Cocktail
pictureCubaine Cocktail
pictureCuban Cocktail
pictureCubano #2
pictureCupid Cocktail
pictureDaiquiri Old-fashioned
pictureDanish Gin Fizz
pictureDarby Cocktail
pictureDaredevil Flip
pictureDelta Cocktail
pictureDenver Mint
pictureDerby Daiquiri
pictureDerby Fizz
pictureDerby Rum Fix
pictureDessalines Cocktail
pictureDiamond Cocktail
pictureDiamond Fizz
pictureDixie Julep
pictureDixie Variation
pictureDon't Go Near The Water
pictureDouble Standard Sour
pictureDr. Fink
pictureDr. Funk
pictureDurkee Hiball
pictureEagle's (dream) Cocktail
pictureEdith Day Cocktail
pictureEgg Sour
pictureEggnog Tuacan
pictureEggnog Tuacan
pictureElk's Own (special) Cocktail
pictureEnglish Cobbler
pictureEnglish Rose
pictureEton (blazer) Hiball
pictureEverything But
pictureEye Opener
pictureFedora Punch
pictureFireman's Sour
pictureFish House Punch
pictureFizz A La Violette
pictureFlanigan Cocktail
pictureFlapjack Cocktail
pictureFloradora Cooler
pictureFlorida Punch Variation
pictureFlorida Variation
pictureFloridita (la Floridita Daiquiri)
pictureFlying Scotchman
pictureFlying Tiger Cocktail
pictureFraise Fizz
pictureFrangi Pangi
pictureFrank's Special Fizz
pictureFree Silver
pictureFrench 125
pictureFrench 75
pictureFrench 95
pictureFrisco Sour
pictureFrozen Absinthe
pictureFrozen Apple
pictureFrozen Apple Daiquiri
pictureFrozen Aquavit
pictureFrozen B.p. (beepe)
pictureFrozen Brum
pictureFrozen Daiquiri
pictureFrozen M. D. (add Mint Daiquiri)
pictureFrozen Passion
pictureFrozen Pineapple Daiquiri
pictureGeneral Harrison's Eggnog
pictureGenever Cocktail Variation
pictureGeorge's Beauty
pictureGeorgia Mint Julep
pictureGin Aquavit Cocktail
pictureGin Cobbler
pictureGin Cooler
pictureGin Cup
pictureGin Daiquiri
pictureGin Daisy
pictureGin Fix
pictureGin Fizz
pictureGin Gimlet Variation
pictureGin Julep
pictureGin Milk Punch
pictureGin Mint Fix
pictureGin Mint Punch
pictureGin Old Fashioned
pictureGin Orangutan
pictureGin Punch
pictureGin Rickey
pictureGin Sangaree
pictureGin Ski
pictureGin Sling
pictureGin Sling Variation
pictureGin Sling Variation
pictureGin Smash
pictureGin Sour
pictureGin Squirt
pictureGin Swizzle
pictureGin Toddy
pictureGinger Fizz
pictureGlad Eye Variation
pictureGloom Lifter
pictureGolden Fizz
pictureGolden Frappe
pictureGolden Gin Fizz
pictureGolden Gloves Cocktail
pictureGolden Glow Cocktail
pictureGolden Lemonade
pictureGolf Links Hiball
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pictureGood Morning Fizz
pictureGooseberry Cocktail
pictureGrand Bretagna Cocktail
pictureGrand Bretagna Cocktail #2
pictureGrand Royal Cocktail
pictureGrand Royal Fizz
pictureGrapefruit Nog
pictureGreen Fizz
pictureGreen Fizz
pictureGreen Star Cocktail
pictureGreen Swizzle
pictureGrenadier Cocktail
pictureGrenadier Cocktail Variation
pictureGuava Cooler
pictureGypsy Punch
pictureHaitian Cocktail
pictureHari Kari
pictureHarpo's Special Cocktail
pictureHarry Lauder Cocktail
pictureHarvard Cooler
pictureHarvard Fizz
pictureHavana Beach Cocktail
pictureHavana Club Rickey
pictureHigh Hat Cocktail Variation
pictureHigh Life Cocktail
pictureHighland Cooler
pictureHighland Fling Variation
pictureHoffman House Fizz
pictureHolland House Fizz
pictureHoneydew Cooler
pictureHong Kong Cocktail
pictureHop Frog Cocktail
pictureHorse's Hiball
pictureHotel Drake Vesuvius
pictureHula Hula
pictureIced Rum Coffee
pictureIced Rum Tea
pictureIdeal Cocktail Variation
pictureImperial Fizz
pictureImperial Fizz Variation
pictureImperial Hotel Fizz
pictureIndependence Swizzle
pictureInk Street
pictureIris Cocktail
pictureIrish Elegance Cocktail
pictureIrish Fix
pictureIrish Fizz
pictureIrish Shillelagh
pictureIsland In The Sun
pictureItalian Cocktail
pictureJabon Candido Cocktail
pictureJack Dempsey Cocktail
pictureJack Kearns Cocktail
pictureJamaican Elegance
pictureJamaican Glow Cocktail
pictureJamaican R.d. (rum Daiquiri)
pictureJamaican Rum Swizzle
pictureJamaican Wonder
pictureJapanese Fizz
pictureJersey City Cocktail
pictureJersey Hiball
pictureJersey Lightning Variation
pictureJersey Sour
pictureJohn Collins
pictureJohn Collins Variation
pictureJohn Mcclain Cocktail
pictureJoscoe Julep (Jocose Julep)
pictureJubilee Rhapsody
pictureJune Bride Cocktail
pictureKahlua Sour
pictureKing Cole
pictureKitchen Sink Cocktail
pictureKlondike Cooler
pictureKlondike Hiball
pictureKremlin Cooler
pictureLa Florida Rum Daisy
pictureLadies Punch
pictureLady Love Fizz
pictureLarchmont Cocktail
pictureLast Kiss Cocktail
pictureLast Resort Cocktail
pictureLaughing Boy
pictureLaughing Soup Cocktail
pictureLaw's Flip
pictureLe Givre
pictureLemon Squash
pictureLemonade (modern)
pictureLiberal Cocktail Variation
pictureLiberty Variation
pictureLil Naue
pictureLondon Cocktail
pictureLone Tree Cooler
pictureLone Tree Cooler Variation
pictureLong Tom Cooler
pictureLong Whistle
pictureLos Angeles
pictureLos Angeles
pictureLouisiana Fizz
pictureLucie Cocktail
pictureMadeira Mint Flip
pictureMae West
pictureMaiden's Blush
pictureMaison Charles Cocktail
pictureMajor Bailey
pictureMalahut Punch
pictureManhattan Cooler
pictureManila Fizz
pictureManila Hotel Julep
pictureMaragato Cocktail
pictureMargaes Cocktail
pictureMarguerite Cocktail #2
pictureMartinique Swizzle
pictureMc Crory
pictureMc Gregor's Egg Nog
pictureMenlo Club Cocktail
pictureMerry Widow Fizz
pictureMidnight Sun
pictureMiguel Ligero Cocktail
pictureMilk Punch
pictureMilk Punch Variation
pictureMillion Cocktail
pictureMint Collins Variation
pictureMint Julep
pictureMint Julep Southern Style
pictureMinted Gin
pictureMississippi Punch
pictureMister Manhattan Cocktail
pictureModern Lemonade
pictureMojito Criollo
pictureMoll Cocktail
pictureMontauk Riding Club Cocktail (variation)
pictureMontreal Gin Sour
pictureMoonlight Cooler
pictureMorning Glory
pictureMorning Glory Daisy
pictureMorning Glory Fizz
pictureMorning Glory Variation
pictureMorning, Teacher
pictureMother's Milk Cocktail
pictureMovito Cocktail
pictureMt. Baker Beaker
pictureMud Pie
pictureMuscatel Flip
pictureMuskmelon Cocktail
pictureMyrtle Bank Punch
pictureNacional Cocktail
pictureNapa Hiball
pictureNarragansett Cobbler
pictureNectarine Cooler
pictureNew Deal Cocktail #2
pictureNew Life Cocktail
pictureNew Orleans
pictureNew Orleans Gin Fizz
pictureNew Orleans Golden Fizz
pictureNew Orleans Trumpeter
pictureNew York
pictureNew York
pictureNew York Sour
pictureNew Yorker (exotic)
pictureNew Yorker Cocktail (classic)
pictureNew Yorker Cocktail Variation
pictureNew Yorker Hiball
pictureNineteen Pick Me Up
pictureNineteen Twenty Hiball
pictureNone But The Brave Cocktail
pictureNorthside Special
pictureNugent Cocktail
pictureOcho Rios Cocktail
pictureOlaffson's Punch
pictureOld Castle Punch
pictureOld Fashioned
pictureOld Fashioned Variation
pictureOld Tom Cocktail
pictureOlivette Cocktail
pictureOne Exciting Night
pictureOrange Blossom
pictureOrange Blossom Cooler
pictureOrange Blossom Variation
pictureOrange Cocktail
pictureOrange Cooler
pictureOrange Fizz Variation
pictureOrange Fizz Variation
pictureOrange Gin Collins
pictureOrange Gin Fizz
pictureOrange Milk Fizz
pictureOriente Cocktail
pictureOstend Fizz Variation
picturePale Deacon Cocktail
picturePan American
picturePapaya Sling
picturePassion Daiquiri
picturePatrick Gavin Duffy's Punch
picturePauline Cocktail
picturePeach Blossom
picturePeach Blow Fizz
picturePeach Blow Fizz Variation
picturePeach Blow Fizz Variation
picturePeach Brandy Julep
picturePendennis Toddy
picturePernod Cocktail
picturePernod Drip
picturePernod Flip
picturePhiladelphia Cooler
picturePicasso Cocktail
picturePicon Whiskey Cocktail
picturePike's Peak Cooler
picturePineapple Cooler
picturePineapple Cooler Variation
picturePineapple Fizz
picturePineapple Lemonade
picturePink Lemonade
picturePink Rose Fizz
picturePink Veranda
picturePino Frio
picturePisco Sour
picturePlantation Punch
picturePlanter's Cocktail
picturePlanter's Punch
picturePlanter's Punch Variation
picturePolynesian Hurricane
picturePolynesian Sling
picturePort Cobbler
picturePort Flip (see Porto Flip)
picturePort Milk Punch
picturePort Wine Cobbler
picturePort Wine Eggnog
picturePort Wine Flip
picturePort Wine Punch
picturePort Wine Sangaree
picturePorto Flip
picturePresidente Vincent Cocktail
picturePuerto Rican Cocktail
picturePuerto Rican Rum Swizzle
picturePuerto Rican Rum Swizzle Variation
pictureQuarter Deck Variation
pictureQueen's Delight
pictureQueen's Park Swizzle
pictureQuencher Cooler
pictureRacquet Club Fizz
pictureRail Splitter
pictureRamoncita Lopez Special
pictureRamos Fizz
pictureRanger Cocktail
pictureRed Lion
pictureRed Swizzle
pictureRed Wine Cooler
pictureRegal Fizz
pictureRemsen Cooler
pictureRhett Butler Cocktail
pictureRhine Wine Cobbler
pictureRhine Wine Punch
pictureRickey Fizz
pictureRico Lliano
pictureRobert E. Lee Cooler
pictureRocky Mountain Cooler
pictureRoman Cooler
pictureRoman Punch Variation
pictureRoosevelt Cocktail
pictureRosy Deacon Cocktail
pictureRoyal Bermuda (yacht Club) Cocktail
pictureRoyal Cocktail
pictureRoyal Fizz
pictureRoyal Gin Fizz
pictureRoyal Milk Punch
pictureRuby Cocktail #3
pictureRuby Fizz
pictureRum & Pineapple Cooler
pictureRum Citrus Cooler
pictureRum Cobbler
pictureRum Collins
pictureRum Cooler
pictureRum Cow
pictureRum Daisy
pictureRum Fix
pictureRum Fizz
pictureRum Flip
pictureRum Julep
pictureRum Julep Variation
pictureRum Milk Punch
pictureRum Old Fashioned
pictureRum Pineapple Fizz
pictureRum Punch
pictureRum Punch Variation
pictureRum Ramsey Cocktail
pictureRum Royale
pictureRum Smash
pictureRum Sour
pictureRum Sour Variation
pictureRum Swizzle Variation
pictureRum Toddy
pictureRural Punch
pictureRussell (hall) House
pictureRye Flip
pictureRye Sazerac
pictureRye Whiskey Cocktail
pictureRye Whiskey Punch
pictureSangaree Comfort
pictureSans Facon Cocktail
pictureSanta Barbara Cocktail
pictureSanta Cruz Fix
pictureSanta Cruz Rum Daisy
pictureSantiago Julep
pictureSaratoga Fizz
pictureSauterne Cobbler
pictureSauterne Cooler
pictureSauterne Punch
pictureSauterne Sangaree
pictureSchnorkel Cocktail
pictureScotch Bishop
pictureScotch Fizz
pictureScotch Milk Punch
pictureScotch Old Fashioned
pictureScotch Orange Fix
pictureScotch Smash
pictureScotch Sour
pictureSea Captain's Special
pictureSerpent's Tooth Cocktail
pictureShady Grove (cooler)
pictureShaluta Cocktail
pictureSharkey Punch Cocktail
pictureSharky Hiball
pictureShaun Banigan Cocktail
pictureSherry Cobbler
pictureSherry Cobbler #2
pictureSherry Cobbler Variation
pictureSherry Eggnog
pictureSherry Flip
pictureSherry Milk Punch
pictureSherry Old Fashioned
pictureSherry Punch
pictureSherry Sangaree
pictureShip Cocktail
pictureSilver Ball Fizz
pictureSilver Celebration
pictureSilver Cocktail
pictureSilver Fizz
pictureSilver King
pictureSilver Kirsch Cocktail
pictureSingapore Sling
pictureSir Charles Punch
pictureSix Bells
pictureSkip & Go Naked
pictureSleepy Hollow
pictureSloe Gin Fizz
pictureSloe Gin Flip
pictureSnicker Cocktail
pictureSnow White Cocktail
pictureSoother Variation
pictureSouth Sea Dipper
pictureSouth Side Fizz
pictureSouthern Banana Comfort
pictureSouthern Cross
pictureSouthern Mint Julep
pictureSouthern Pines
pictureSputnik Cocktail
pictureSt. Lo Cocktail
pictureSt. Louis Blizzard
pictureStar Cocktail
pictureStar Daisey
pictureStolen Kisses Cocktail
pictureStone Fence
pictureStone Wall
pictureStout Sangaree
pictureStratosphere Cocktail
pictureStrawberry Cream Cooler
pictureStrawberry Fizz
pictureStrawberry Punch
pictureStrawberry Rum Flip
pictureStrega Flip
pictureSuisette Cocktail
pictureSuisse Cocktail
pictureTabu Cocktail
pictureTahitian Rhum Punch
pictureTall Dutch Eggnog
pictureTall Islander
pictureTamarind Punch
pictureTampa Tarpon
pictureTapa Punch
pictureTequila Collins
pictureTequila Fizz
pictureTequila Old Fashioned
pictureTequila Sour
pictureTerry Sloan Cooler
pictureThunder & Lightning
pictureTip Top Punch
pictureTokay Flip
pictureTom Collins
pictureToronto Cocktail
pictureTrade Winds
pictureTrader Vic's Punch
pictureTrader Vic's Rum Fizz
pictureTreasure Island Special
pictureTrinidad Variation
pictureTuaca Sour
pictureTwin Hills
pictureVanderbilt (hotel)
pictureVanilla Punch
pictureVenice Cooler
pictureVera Hiball
pictureVermouth Cooler
pictureVia Veneto Cocktail
pictureViolet Fizz
pictureVodka Collins
pictureVodka Cooler
pictureVodka Daisey
pictureVodka Milk Punch
pictureVodka Old Fashioned
pictureVodka Sling
pictureVodka Sling
pictureVodka Sling Variation
pictureVodka Sling Variation
pictureVodka Sour
pictureVodka Sour
pictureWallick's Special Cocktail
pictureWalsh Champagne Cocktail
pictureWalter's Cocktail
pictureWard Eight
pictureWedding March Cocktail
pictureWest Indian
pictureWest Indian Cocktail
pictureWestbrook Cocktail
pictureWhiskey Cobbler
pictureWhiskey Cocktail
pictureWhiskey Collins
pictureWhiskey Cooler
pictureWhiskey Curacao Fizz
pictureWhiskey Daisey
pictureWhiskey Daisey Variation
pictureWhiskey Eggnog
pictureWhiskey Fix
pictureWhiskey Flip
pictureWhiskey Milk Punch
pictureWhiskey Orange
pictureWhiskey Ouzo Fix
pictureWhiskey Peppermint Flip
pictureWhiskey Punch
pictureWhiskey Punch Variation
pictureWhiskey Sangaree
pictureWhiskey Sling
pictureWhiskey Smash
pictureWhiskey Sour
pictureWhiskey Squirt
pictureWhiskey Swizzle
pictureWhiskey Toddy (cold)
pictureWhiskey Toddy (cold) Variation
pictureWhisky, Sour
pictureWhispers Of The Frost Cocktail
pictureWhite Cobbler
pictureWhite Lady
pictureWhite Lion
pictureWhite Lion
pictureWhite Lion Variation
pictureWhite Rose Variation
pictureWhite Wine Cooler
pictureWhite Wine Cooler Variation
pictureWhite Wine Punch
pictureWilliamson Cocktail
pictureWine Collins
pictureWine Cooler Variation
pictureWitch Au-go-go
pictureWitch Doctor Cocktail
pictureWonder Cocktail
pictureWright Brothers Cocktail
pictureWyoming Swing
pictureWyoming Swing
pictureX.y.z. Cocktail Variation
pictureYachting Club Cocktail
pictureYale Variation
pictureYankee Doodle Cocktail
pictureYellow Fever
pictureYellow Plum Cocktail
pictureYvette Cocktail
pictureZazarac Cocktail
pictureZazarac Cocktail Variation

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