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hock wine


Wines used in mixed drinks


Generic for historically somewhat delicately sweet German wine the name of which is a contraction and transliteration for "Hochheimer" meaning from Hochheim, the town around which hock wine was traditionally made. It is considered a variety of Rhine wine, as is bottled in long-necked bottles with gracefully-sloping shoulders. While there are exceptions, it is almost always a white wine. As the popularity of this wine variety grew, other geographic regions also used the term for their similarly-styled wines. Today the name is infrequently used and is virtually synonymous with "Rhine" or "Riesling" as a term for wine without further pedigree from the Rhine region.


Limited availability. Produced and sold in Germany. Known to be distributed in parts of United Kingdom, Europe and North America. Regional. Available for on-line ordering in some markets.


other sweeter white wine

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