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New England rum


Sugar cane & molasses-based spirits

Also known as

Medford rum


Defunct or all-but defunct generic term for dark rums produced in New England, generally under the descriptive name "Medford" rum, from colonial times to Prohibition. Medford is a Massachusetts town where, or in close proximity to where, many of the rum distilleries and warehouses were located. The cold and clammy conditions there made for rums with similar character to London dock and navy rums. They were highly acclaimed. Abolition of the slave trade (and the slaves-sugarcane/molassas-rum triangle) crippled Medford rum's production, and Prohibition essentially killed it. In latter years, there was a branded rum named Medford, but the term itself was a generic one previous to that, and remains so today.


rum and strong


Unavailable. Produced and sold in United States.


london dock rum

Usage examples

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