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Non-alcoholic additives, juices & mixers

Also known as

tonic water, quinine, indian tonic


Generic for sweetened quinine-imbued carbonated (sparkling) water, first produced commercially in 1858. Indian Tonic, as it was first called(and still is in Europe and the U.K.)is thought to have originated with the British Raj in colonial India as a ministration for fevers, most notably Malaria. Its popular use in American mixed drinks began with its first production in 1953 on U.S. soil under a Schweppes (Cadbury-Schweppes as of 1969) brand franchise. Unfortunately because quinine is a drug, American tonic water, under the edicts of the Food & Drug Administration contains less of it and is notably sweeter and milder than its European counterparts - which are much preferable.




Generally available.

Usage examples

This ingredient appears in 11 recipes in CocktailDB.
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