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Non-alcoholic additives, juices & mixers


Generic aromatic spice derived from the dried inner bark of any of several varieties of tropical evergreen tree used as a flavoring additive for drinks in extract from or as a constituent of liqueurs and bitters - and as a garnish either as a tightly rolled rod (cinnamon stick) or as a ground powder sprinkled over the surface of a drink. Most often what we know as cinnamon is really Cassia - otherwise known as Bastard Cinnamon.




Generally available. Distributed world-wide. Available for on-line ordering in some markets.

Usage examples

This ingredient appears in 45 recipes in CocktailDB.
pictureCafe Diable
pictureTall Dutch Eggnog
pictureFrosty Coffee Royale
picturePilgrim Hot Buttered Rum
picturePink Elephant
pictureMulled Bourbon

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