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Neutral spirits


Neutral spirit, diluted and filtered through charcoal. Dependent on the nature of the distillate, the temperature & number of distillations, the nature of the diluting water, and the number of filtrations for any particular brand's given character. Vodka can be made from many bases: grain, potato, beet, cane, or rice. "Vodka" is diminutive for "voda," the word for water in Russian. Vodka was traditionally unflavored (other than the flavor of the alcohol itself) and infusions of flavoring ingredients garnered the spirit a different name, depending upon the ingredient(s) added. In current-day parlance, flavored renditions are all considered subsets of vodka, so-named. Vodka was historically traditional mainly to Russia, Poland, and Latvia.




Generally available. Available for on-line ordering in some markets.

Usage examples

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