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Wines used in mixed drinks


Defunct French aperitif, produced by the Hémard company until circa 1928, the name of which means "Passing Fancy". Opinions vary on the nature of this product some suggesting a pastis or absinthe aperitif spirit or liqueur; others defining it as an almond-flavored liqueur similar to Amaretto; and still others merely noting its purported violet color. Hémard went into partnership with Veil Picard after the absinthe ban in 1915 and later merged with acquired Pernod. It seems in reality this was an anis-flavored wine aperitif, and that the "violet color" is a misattribution meant for Parfait Amour. Likewise, the similarity of the names Amaretto and amourette probably explain that story.




Unavailable. Produced in France. No longer manufactured.


other anis flavoring

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