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Yellow Chartreuse


Liqueurs, herbal or spice-flavored

Also known as

Liqueur Jaune, Yellow Chartreuse


Proprietary classic French high proof multi-herbal monastic liqueur of the lighter, sweeter yellow variety (the stronger green being the earlier type) and a brandy base. Only three Carthusian monks know the formula of herbs and flowers used in the 80 proof yellow Chartreuse at any given time. It is still produced today (now in Voiron) on monastery property as it has been since 1838. It is called for in many cocktails.


herbal and spice


Generally available. Produced and sold in France. Distributed world-wide.


green Chartreuse, other multi-herbal liqueur such as Benedictine, Aiguebelle, or Izarra (imperfect substitutes)

Usage examples

This ingredient appears in 70 recipes in CocktailDB.
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