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Non-alcoholic additives, juices & mixers

Also known as

Still water, branch water, spring water


Generic for plain water used as a diluting agent in various mixed drinks, sometimes as the sole mixer. Historically American whiskey is often requested with water using a euphemism such as Bourbon & spring water," "Bourbon & branch water," or simply "Bourbon & branch". Branch is a term for an underground tributary of water. Water is a constituent in all potable alcohol, be it whiskey, vodka, brandy, rum, gin, or liqueurs. As an additive to classic mixed drinks it was used in the original forms of the cocktail, the sling, the fizz, the swizzle, the julep, punch, and many, many others.




Generally available.

Usage examples

This ingredient appears in 179 recipes in CocktailDB.
pictureBrandy Smash
pictureTom & Jerry
pictureBrandy Julep
pictureApricot Cooler
pictureGin Sling
pictureBrandy Sling

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