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Non-alcoholic additives, juices & mixers


Use of milk in drinks is in preference to heavier dairy products such as cream or half & half. As such, it occasionally appears in drinks which are not necessarily dessert drinks, though it is still common in them. Milk historically was also used for as a clarifying agent (an additive that clears cloudy liquid by bonding to particulate matter in the solution/suspension and causing said matter to fall to the bottom from the extra weight) of punches, spirits, liqueurs, and other alcohol preparations.




Generally available.


other similar dairy product like cream, cream or milk substitutes

Usage examples

This ingredient appears in 77 recipes in CocktailDB.
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pictureRum Eggnog
pictureHighland Fling Variation
pictureLong Whistle
pictureWhiskey Milk Punch
pictureRum Puff

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