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About CocktailDB, The Internet Cocktail Database, aims to be your final authoritative word on mixed drinks, 1862 to present. Welcome!

We differ from other cocktail web sites in numerous ways, but mainly, all of the recipes in CocktailDB have been authenticated in print. This cuts out all the sophomoric, never-once-ordered recipes clogging many other drink sites. We already have the largest collection of verified drink recipes on the Internet or in any book, and this collection will continue to grow.

All recipes already link to the most massive drink ingredients data bank around: ours! Don't know what something is? Merely click on it and you will be immediately told… and shown! Photographs of the vast majority of ingredients ever put in a cocktail are just a click away, even for ingredients not produced in 60 years… 100 years! Furthermore, if something is difficult to find, substitutes are often advised right there and then. If an ingredient has no substitute, at least you'll know what it is.

Performing multiple ingredient recipe searches is simple and easy. Do you have a recipe but don't know the name? CocktailDB will tell you. Have you invented a recipe and want to make sure it hasn't been done with the same ingredients (or name) before? CocktailDB is your best source. Just type in all the ingredients, and up will pop every recipe in the database using those ingredients.

The recipes you search out will automatically scale to a glass size of your choosing. And speaking of glasses, all glass names, shapes, and sizes are at your fingertips with, of course, photographs of what we are talking about. We have the first visual glassware glossary we know of on-line.

As you will see, though, all this is just the beginning! We aim to be the authority and are working night and day to expand our capabilities. We don't think it would be worth doing, otherwise. CocktailDB is a tool for scholars and bon vivants alike.

martin and doc

Who are we?

CocktailDB is the brainchild of Martin Doudoroff and Ted (Dr. Cocktail) Haigh.

Doc is a noted graphic designer for major Hollywood movies. His heart and soul, however, belong to the history of the American cocktail. Previously the Cocktail & Spirits Maven for America On-line, he is the author of Vintage Spirits & Forgotten Cocktails (Quarry Books – Rockport Publishers). His premises and theories of the cocktail and its constituents have been widely quoted in books, newspapers, magazines, and on the Web internationally. He has one of the largest collections of vintage cocktail spirits in the world, and resides in Los Angeles, California.

Martin Doudoroff is a cocktail enthusiast and technology consultant in New York City. Inspired by the Internet Movie Database, Martin and his colleague Matt Feifarek first launched the CocktailDB project as a response to the need for an on-line repository of cocktail knowledge for like-minded aficionados. They attracted Doc with these initial efforts, and a new partnership was born.

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