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Determining glass size is easy

Determining glass volume to scale drinks:

Different kinds of glasses are designed to contain different quantities of liquid. We have set up default volume measurements for each of the many types of glassware we depict and use in CocktailDB. For instance, our sherry glass size is 2 ounces, our bar glass, 16 ounces, and our snifter, 12 ounces. Yours may differ. Glasses come in many sizes and we erred to common and traditional volumes for each type of glass. We give you the option to change glass sizes based on your needs, and the recipe you are viewing will adjust to your glass. It's easy to determine what size glass you have. Just fill it with water and pour the water into a measuring cup to see how many ounces of liquid your glass can contain.

One necessary note of caution: while our glass volumes were determined by a full glass (just as they are when you buy them at the store) it is rare that any recipe is meant to be filled to the brim of a glass. In fact some glasses (like brandy snifters and Sazerac glasses) are meant to be filled no more than a quarter full. Therefore, in our 10 ounce Sazerac glass, you would be smart to either stick with the original recipe measurements, or calculate your liquid volume at around 2.5 or 3 oz. Using our default measurements - or those of your glassware, take this into account. In other words, calculate for the volume of liquid and leave a little breathing room in your somewhat larger glass!

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